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Originally Posted by longrange1 View Post
now my accuracy standard may be a little different than the average persons is...i dont expect benchrest or world record F-class accuracy(i can not shoot world record groups anyway)but i do expect a 1/2 minute or so at 1000yds on a nice day...and by nice day i mean weather for me when a barrel will no longer shoot a 10-13" 5 shot group at 1000yds and/or when it starts throwing random unexplained flyers its done.
I consider a barrel "shot out" when it will no longer hold DOUBLE the accuracy of when it was new.
Since they usually shoot 1/4moa when new, your 1/2moa grouping is right in line with about where I would be pulling them off as well.

I typically see 308 sized 6.5's lasting about 2300 rounds before they lose peak accuracy.
Everyone screams and cries about that saying they shot theirs over 3000 rounds, but I guarantee you that if they know what they are doing, they were doubting those last 500 rounds or they have a much lower accuracy requirement.
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