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Default lets talk about barrel life...

Originally Posted by longrange1 View Post
so ive shot a few different calibers...300 win mag...260rem...260rem 40* improved(this one was fun)...6mm creedmoor and now a 6.5x47 lapua(which i love and is the caliber ive settled on).

now ive been shooting long range for the last 12.5-13yrs and for the last 6-7yrs local PRS/tactical and a few F-class on top of the long range stuff and so we are clear long range is out to 1760yds or so for me...the farthest ive shot with hits is 1845yds.

in this time ive shot out 26 barrels so right at 2 per year and of those 26 barrels ive had a few bad that just would not shoot anything under an 1' at 100yds EVER and i put 900 rounds through it before pulling it...two that went bad right around 850 rounds and one i just pulled that shot ok...never anything to brag about just ok and at 1050 started throwing flyers so at 1100 it became a jack handle.

now my accuracy standard may be a little different than the average persons is...i dont expect benchrest or world record F-class accuracy(i can not shoot world record groups anyway)but i do expect a 1/2 minute or so at 1000yds on a nice day...and by nice day i mean weather for me when a barrel will no longer shoot a 10-13" 5 shot group at 1000yds and/or when it starts throwing random unexplained flyers its done.

now since everyone loves and shoots the 6.5 creed we will use it or 6.5mm cals that are close to it like the 260rem or the 6.5x47(little smaller but you guys get the idea)for this...and please no GUESSING OR REGURGITATING things youve heard or read...i know first hand how many ACCURATE rounds you can get out of most of the 308 based 6.5s but id like to hear from some of you guys what your getting out of your barrels before your seeing things go south.

I can shoot small enough groups at 100, but at distance, to much influences for me to use that as my benchmark. Just my personal thing.

If the group size at 100 becomes much larger than 1/2 or if I loose speed and SDs (then it will open up soon), I know its time.

I like you, have had bad barrels, some way overbore go away in <900 rounds.

<<Not sure what just happened but everything below this jus vanished >>

Quick retype: I ran my main 6.5C over 4200 and still was doing well in the match types you and I shoot. Was running 2840 with 140s and Factory 130 Prime was at 2910. Not sure why this Krieger ran so long. But it was still me missing more than the barrel.

Anyway I have a couple new barrels coming..
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