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Default GAYS with GUNS ------------------------------------------LAX Range Day III - 10/15/17

LAX RANGE DAY III - Halloween Kill a Zombie (Free Target) Win Goulish Prizes!


WHEN: Sunday, October 15, 2017. From 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
WHERE: LAX Range 927 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA

Come join us for the Halloween LAX Range Day Meetup and Kill a Zombie of Your Choice!


Free Zombie target to each person. Something to take home and post on your door if you're the type that doesn't want to buy treats... (Joke!! - Not unless you want a visit from the LAPD)

IMPORTANT! If you haven't filled out an LAX Range Waiver from this year then you must do that prior please. It's easy and free of course

This is also a great chance to try different handguns and find the best fit! Learn out to handle a gun. Stand out from the crowd! Reverse the lame ***, old stereotypes! Make a statement and show your individuality at the same time.

Lets push that an "Orlando Pulse event" will never happen again. Following the recent events in Las Vegas, it's having us all check in about our safety. The reality is, nothing could have fully prevented the event from happening and 'soft targets' (concert crowds, churches, protests, march) will always be at a disadvantage. These are blows that affect all of us but are truly the anomolies that make national news. We rarely hear about the individual who stopped a shooting in a church or random grocery store. Come learn to take control of your own safety. #shootback!

LAX range (located by LAX is pretty convenient as it's right near the intersection of several highways. You can bring our own guns or they offer both handguns AND rifles for rent. This is a great way to get the feel of a gun, as well as get some feedback from those with a little more experienced before you buy to decide what kind is best for you.

IMPORTANT! If you have never fired a hand gun it will be best to first just handle a handgun --NOT fire one. We'll get you a pistol one of us will walk you through all the functions. From, safety handling, to chambering a round, mag removal, dry firing and field stripping (dismantling to clean). Once you are comfortable handling one we'll move you into the range.



HANDGUNS: $16.00 PER HOUR (w/ purchase of range ammunition; pro-rated by the 1/2 hour after)

HANDGUNS: $21.00 PER HOUR (w/out range ammo purchase)

HIGH-POWER RIFLE & SHOTGUN: $20.00 PER HOUR (ammunition MUST be purchased at range)

*In order to rent a firearm from us, you must be in a party of 2 or more, unless you bring your own firearm. This is a personal safety precaution.


MOST HANDGUNS: $15.00 per day


(For unlimited usage of all rental firearms, you will only pay either $15.00 or $22.00)

I only have one handgun but with 8 people going and some with zero experience that gun will be first used to let people handle and field strip and just generally get used to handling, therefore unavailable for people to fire. However I think we have more people bringing guns and the Shift Leader of LAX Range is setting aside some guns as well.

-------- UPDATE --------

The lose agenda as it stand now is there will be a verbal safety instruction talk. Followed by, for those who have never touched a gun, a hands on gun handling instruction.

NO BULLETS allowed within 10 feet! This is where you can handle, grip, fondle, juggle, caress... --whatever it takes you to get you comfortable holding a gun. We can field strip them and put them back together again. ALL questions are welcomed. There are NO dumb questions. There was a time when all of us had never touched a gun and we want you to be comfortable asking whatever questions you have. Some people may like revolvers simply because there's no getting used to gripping and yanking the slide back. Others will take to semi autos. Others may decide "to hell with handguns --they want one of those evil AR15's"

After that we move into the range.

For those of you with prior experience --you're more than welcome to go directly into the range AFTER verbal confirmation outlining your previous experience.

This is a live fire situation: At all times you must immediately obey any command given by the LAX range master. Zero tolerance for any nonsense or horsing around.

No drugs or drinking prior to this meetup. Anyone even suspected of the above will be asked to leave the live fire range area for the safety of the rest.
"There is no such thing as gun control. There is only centralizing gun ownership in the hands of a small, political elite and their minions." --Stefan Molyneux

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