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Originally Posted by Clee View Post
Watch the students do it. ...
I see the students doing a lot of incorrect or less-than-optimal things in all sorts of videos. Whether or not that it something actively taught by the instructors is another matter entirely ... as is the question as to whether or not the instructors themselves are teaching the technique in question correctly.

At about 9:53 - for instance - the young woman is "doing CAR wrong", having the elbow of her strong hand raised so high as to block her peripheral vision. Both the student and the instructors seem to be using something other than a proper CAR support-hand position in some cases ... no idea why. Perhaps they've modified the technique, or it could be that they never learned it correctly in the first place (which is irritatingly common regarding CAR).

Regarding "crossing the legs", I know that Paul Castle started teaching a 90-degree fully-bladed stance early on, but later switched to a more of a 45-degree position. The 90-degree position does indeed present some real issues if you are stepping foot-over-foot ... not really the case with 45-degrees.

These subtleties and variances are among the reasons I don't consider CAR a good default technique.

I don't pretend to be an "authority." I'm just a guy who trains a lot, shoots a lot and has a perspective.

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