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Scope Rings:

UTG "Airgun" .22 Integral Ring Mount

The dovetail rail is notorious for normal ring's "walking" off the back of the rail from recoil.
This "one piece" integral ring mount will keep your scope solid.

Yes it says "Airgun", no this does not mean airsoft.
High End Airguns have a very powerful dual recoil effect when they are fired that puts lots of stress on scopes and their mounts.
Fortunately for us Airguns generally use the same dovetail rail size as rimfire.

Trust me these are recommended to and from numerous 795 owners as the best ring option out there.

Note: Make sure to get the height and the tube size your scope needs
Look up the stats for your scope and find the objective or "bell" diameter:
Medium Profile for scopes up to 40mm
High Profile for scopes over 40mm
(This is just a rough guide, it is up to you to choose which height is best for your scope)

For example: The BSA Sweet 22 works good with the medium profile mount (Thanks beanz2)

Look up the stats for your scope and find the tube size:
Generally 1 inch or 30mm.

3/8" Dovetail to Picatinny Rail Converter:
DIP and UTG make parts that will adapt your Marlins Dovetail to a Picatinny Rail.
In my opinion this is not a great option for mounting a scope as it will raise your rings and add weight.
This could be a good option for a Red Dot that uses Picatinny

WARNING! Owners of new 795's that seek to use bipods and slings!
It appears that Marlin has decided to save money and use stock sling studs that are simply molded into the stock. Older stocks have real metal studs in them and will accept bipod adapters and sling swivels with ease. These new ones are like the stock sling studs we see on the XT-22 Series of rifles. Reports are these are weak and because of their recessed nature will not mate up with bipod adapters. This is an unfortunate change!

See new warning above!
Any Bipod that can attach via a sling stud will work my suggestion is:

UTG TL-BP69ST Claw Foot Version
UTG TL-BP69S Rubber Foot Version
Comes with adapter to mount to your sling stud or a picatinny rail.
Very light weight, solid, compact at a great price!

1.25" Sling Swivles:
See new warning above!

Note: 1.25 inch size for GI slings used in Appleseed

GI Sling:

M1 / M14 Sling 1.25 inch Wide
Note: This is the sling advocated for use in Appleseed Currently out of stock

Baby Maglula:

DIY Magazine Loader Tool:
aka the "Jukermatic Speed Plunger"
I cut mine out of a DVD case

.22 Cal Rifle Bore Snake:
A rod is not going to fit inside the receiver and using a rod from the muzzle end is a bad idea.
You can also use a Bore Snake with out dissembling the rifle

.22 Cal Snap Cap Alternatives:
Most .22 Cal Dummy Rounds you will find are not intended to actually be dry fired.
A cheap readily available solution is "Ribbed Plastic Anchors" Drywall Anchors found at the hardware store.
Yellow #4-6 x 7/8" or White #8-10 x 1" work well for different 22LR firearms.
Make sure to rotate them so the same spot doesn't get hit over and over.
Sometimes you can even get them to feed in a magazine.

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