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Start off with new virgin brass.
Add primer add powder add bullet and shoot it.
Deprime and tumble in walnut shell.
Full length size with 0.001 shoulder bump then trim to a uniform length. Neck turn the brass.
Chamfer the neck inside and outside then uniform primer pockets and flashhole.
Weigh the brass and segregate into 1 grain batches.
If you have a Juenke machine sort the brass.
Add primer powder seat bullet and fire.
Re-prep everything as you did earlier.
Now everything is ready for a match so weigh every component to the smallest possible variation. Brass,primers,powder and bullets.
Seat all your bullets 0.030 long and do your final seating the night before the match. Seating depth should be within 0.001 powder should be within a kernel primers should be exactly the same weight as should bullets. Brass can vary up to a full grain.
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