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Default How do you load rifle Ammo?

Iím just curious how you guys load your rifle ammo, specifically, the precision stuff.

For my .308, I have about a dozen steps:

1) decap with lee universal decapper
2) wet tumble
3) lube
4) full length resize
5) trim with lee quick trim and drill
6) deburr and chamfer with drill attachments
7) check brass with case gauge
8) run flash hole uniformer
9) run primer pocket uniformer
10) wet tumble again
11) prime with lee hand primer
12) charge with Lyman gen 6
13) seat bullet
14) verify OAL with calipers

Iím just trying to figure out if Iím spending too much time in brass prep and if there are steps that can be eliminated or combined with different equipment.

Iím also planning on annealing somewhere between these steps, just not sure where in the order it should fall...

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