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Originally Posted by harbormaster View Post
My employer uses quickbooks pro and the migration to an online quickbooks isn't in the cards it just doesn't seem to have the capacity as that which we use loaded on our server. Our server is old. It needs to be replaced. We use three programs:

A proprietary database application on
Office Pro including most of the applications.
That is pretty much it.

We are interested in seeing if we can copy and run the database application to a cloud base program like Azure and then host quickbooks and Office on our desktops.

So I'm in Stockton area and looking for an IT pro to help me save some money and get this done? Anyone here capable? It seems like we're too small an operation for the IT companies around.

I've had a lot of experience migrating ERPs (GreatPlains -> Netsuite, etc). I would recommend getting out of using an "old version of quickbooks" on-prem. You're going to run into issues long-term.

I'm not sure why you couldn't migrate the data to QB Online. You should be able to migrate all the customers/vendors, SOs, etc with batch export/imports. It will definitely take some time / testing.

Some business/operations are tougher to migrate than others.. For example if you're in the business of selling items that don't need fulfillment records (software sales or services for example that don't have serialized inventory) - then it's easier. If it's operationally heavy with serialized items then there's going to be a lot more to move.

You could also, depending on the business, migrate over by moving over the GL totals and not all of the historical data over time. Maybe just the header amounts per month instead of all the individual records from each month for example.

For office, i'd recommend using office365 if you aren't using it already.

For the proprietary DB application, that could be put into a virtual machine or a dedicated machine and kept on-prem. I wouldn't spend money putting it in the cloud -- unless you're needing to provide others access to it remotely (e.g all the people that access that application aren't in the same office/location)
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