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Originally Posted by Robotron2k84 View Post
Cloud won't solve your problems. Just buy a new server and migrate.

Cloud is:

Expensive-- Yes and no.If you Capex vs Opex, maybe. And depends on current spend of your IO.
Time shared- No. You can have reservations and/or create your own VPC.
High latency- Maybe. That depends on your circuit and the peering agreements with your WAN provider.
Slower than on-premises- Possible but depends on your circuit and type of data.
Harder to manage- No, easier for many of us that know what we are doing. AWS has been around for almost 20 years.

Open to additional security vulnerabilities- What isn't.
Requires a VPN to host a DB off-premises- Not necessarily.

Is really only a benefit if you want to virtualize a whole data-center's worth of equipment for a website or other large application. A whole data center is relative. Many startups use AWS or Azure for lower startup Capex expenses. They do not have any where close to what I would consider a "whole data center."

Cloud only makes sense in a limited set of circumstances that mostly require very high uptime, flexible capacity and paying for usage-based service (which can get very expensive per month on a DB-sized instance running hot). This is true to an extent, there are many variables and conditions. Far too broad of a statement.

Good luck
I have made notes in bold bases on experiences.

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