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Originally Posted by LibertarianOi View Post
Thats why they felt the need to open and fondle a box of hollow points I bought like they had never seen such a thing before? The saddest part about this is it wasn't even a high end gun it was a Glock and the red flakes from the snapcaps that coated the chamber kinda shows someone was playing with it
Sir, I'm sorry that you feel we played with your gun, but here are a couple considerations:

1. Almost everyone that works here already owns a Glock or two (or four, in one employee's situation). According to our records, we have had roughly 1,300 Glocks come through the shop in the last 365 days. We also have more on the shelves in the back right now than I am allowed to disclose. I promise that we have absolutely no reason to go find your Glock in the cage to play with it, sir.

2. Personally, I don't even use snapcaps with my Glock and neither do most people I know. Pretty much the only time anyone puts snapcaps in a gun here is during the state mandated "Safe Handling Demo". Didn't you load a red snapcap into your Glock yourself during the demonstration? That may explain the snapcap debris in your chamber...

3. You said in the OP that your finish was noticeably damaged. Was there any damage present other than the red snapcap flakes in your chamber? Did you mention the alleged damage to anyone when you inspected the firearm during your pick up?

Please let us know.


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