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The next thing I need to do was cut down the barrel. I contacted Manson Tooling and he set me up with the right tools. I purchased both the 0 deg and the 11 deg cutter so I could do either. I also used a 45deg cutter so I wouldn't end up with a sharp edge on the rim. I used a shot out .308 barrel to practice on before attempting it on the rifle itself. It came out so well I moved on to the real barrel immediately after.

Here's the piece I removed off the rifle itself.

And here's the finished project. I wanted to have an ultralight and maneuverable rifle for hunting in thick cover. Pigs and deer mostly. I'm not concerned about the loss in muzzle velocity with the short 17" barrel as I won't attempt to take game more than 200y away with this rifle. It came out really light and portable. Now I just need the sun to come out to see how it shoots. It's already a sub MOA rifle out of the box, so hopefully I didn't screw anything up.

I'm not sure if this optic will stay on the rifle. I'd like to add a 2-10x Vortex PST in the future. It was a blast learning and finishing the project.

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