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Default Fall project completed. Shorty .308

The weather started getting ugly a few weeks ago when I started my project. It took a few months of reading about others projects and finding the right tooling for the job. It started last winter when I won a Weatherby Vanguard at our local NRA benefit dinner. It's a $400 rifle so i figured it would be a great way to test and further my knowledge about gunsmithing as a hobby. I'm very rural and the closest gunsmith is a 2 hour drive from my home. Plus the last time he did some work, he installed a muzzle break that wasn't in line with the bore. The bullet would barely strike the comp upon exit. Not acceptable.

Parts used:

Badger 20 moa rail
CDI Precision trigger guard DBM
Badger Ordnance tactical bolt knob
B&C Medalist stock
Manson Tooling for barrel cutting and finishing
Barrel channel cutter

Here's a stock picture of the exact rifle.

First step was to get the stock ready. Free floating the barrel channel was a breeze. I only had to remove a small amount of material as the rifle barrel has a Thinner profile.

Next came the inletting for the action and DBM. I used a mill for the DBM inletting and a hand dremmel to get the stock ready for glass bedding. This is after the bedding job was completed.

As you can see I needed to spend a bit more time on the mill as my inletting job for the DBM needs some practice.

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