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Originally Posted by CaliSquid View Post
So when I first started doing research about guns prior to my first purchase, a friend of mine told me to never ever get steel cased ammunition no matter what gun it is......
Like many blanket rules, this has a glaring exception. Commie guns are built to run on steel cased ammo, and they run on it very well.

But presumably you're talking about ARs. A few years back some magazine did a pretty comprehensive study comparing steel vs brass (i'm sure someone will link to it soon) but their conclusion was that steel wears down a barrel much faster than brass, but the cost savings was good enough that one could just buy another barrel & still come out ahead.

The takeaway from that is that yes you can run steel, but expect accelerated wear. A few hundred rounds won't make a difference, this test involved 5000+ rounds per barrel in a span of just a few days.

Personally I only use brass because i reload so I want the brass. Also, western-produced ammo is a bit more accurate. But I wouldn't be concerned about steel case on occasion.
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