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"Working Up A Load" is a process that really needs you to use a chronograph to chart velocity as you slowly increase powder charge till you reach max safe (by watching primer flow). You are also shooting for group on a target at same time. You watch for group improvements and note velocity points.

This process can/will also involve same testing procedure with different powders, bullets and seating depth.

Without a carefully controlled process using a chrono all you are really doing is painting by numbers and hoping you will get a pretty picture.

It also takes a solid control of your process to do this right. Best way to start IMHO if you don't have chrono is to learn good, consistent reloading practices and use midrange load data and carefully find recipes that function and are safe. Then once you are confident of your skill in handling the process, start for real with a well documented and methodical program of charting velocity and group size.

Read everything here:

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