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Don't forget your barrel twist to match your bullet selection. A barrel with a twist rate of 1/12 will favor lighter weight bullets like the 55 grain. A barrel with a faster twist like a 1/7 will favor heavier bullets.

Mix a few different bullet weights into you test loads to see if your rifle likes a certain weight bullet or even brand of bullet.

I have found some 55 grain loads that give good accuracy in either my older rifles (with 1/12) and newer rifles (with 1/9). Load a few variations in powder charge and bullet weights to start seeing what does and does not work in your rifle.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the ammo functions. Load one round in the magazine, fire and ensure the bolt locks open on the empty magazine. If not, your load may be under powered if you want normal function. Getting a good working and accurate load is satisfying work

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