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Originally Posted by mhael View Post
Hey guys,

Sorry I have read through most of the pages but still am slightly confused. Ok from what I have have read if my friend has a C&R FFL and he buys a C&R M1 carbine, then we do a PPT to myself. OK now that I own it I set up a trust and transfer the rifle to my trust and send the paperwork into ATF for a SBR. When that is approved we take it to a gunsmith and get it shortened and I am good to go? Is that right? Thanks guys.

More importantly, your friend cannot transfer an M1 Carbine to you in this manner. By buying the gun with the intent to transfer it to you, he's acting as a dealer which is a felony. His C&R is for his personal acquisition of firearms, not for acquiring to transfer to friends or for profit.
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