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Originally Posted by AYEAREFIFTEEN View Post
There was a conversation in a different thread regarding dodging the AW status if a firearm (say AK style) was built with a solid rear block (no stock means, not shoulder fired, means its not a rifle so AW exempt), had a minimum 16" barrel (so its not a pistol) and a 26" OAL.
That is thought to be a valid type of build that would not be a rifle or a pistol, so the thought is that, yes, it would be exempt from the AW pistol and rifle rules.

Just curious, what would stop someone from building an AK style firearm the same way, AOW the firearm for the SBR exemption, and replace the 16" barrel with a krink style barrel? Would this not make it a non assult weapon, detatchable mag short barrel firearm?
Couple things wrong with that I see. An AOW registration does not give you an SBR exemption. If it has/had a stock, it is an SBR and can't be an AOW. If it never had a stock, then it is an AOW and can't be an SBR, since an SBR requires a shoulder stock to be on the firearm at some point.

If you had it registered as an AOW (and I'm not sure if a 16"/26" PG-only firearm could be) once you put the pistol barrel on, you've created a CA pistol. CA defines pistol as any firearm with a <16" barrel. And if it is a CA pistol, then it must comply with the CA pistol AW rules, and that means no detachable mag for you.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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