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Huge Thanks to Nick for arranging everything! He was only half an hr away from me.

I spent my saturday with Alma Coles youtube channel putting together the FCU my fingers hurt now lol. I installed the factory trigger first the trigger pull is not bad at all i would say about 5-6 lbs and then i took it off and installed my Gray guns trigger kit.

I had an issue with the takedown safety notch not catching the hole resulting the trigger not producing an audible click when dry fired. Also the magazine will not go all the way in. I simply bend the slide release metal where it holds the spring to give it more clearance and that fixed the issue.

However i have another issue when im doing a field strip my slide wont come off completely freely, something is catching and stopping the slide! I have to yank the slide from the grip in order to remove it. I make sure i have the lever is in the 7oclock position. My slide rails are filed with no sharp edges. Grease didnt help either.

Anybody else having the same issue?

Pics below.

Takedown safety Notch inside the hole

How i fixed it.
Edit: bent the slide release metal thats holding the spring from 90deg to 85deg

Stuck in this position, not completely sliding off freely
Edit: it comes off just needs to yank it. Will try the sharpie method to see whats catching.

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