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You (and folks like the OP suckered in by the 6.8 sales pitch) plainly don't understand the difference between possibility and probability.
You're missing my point.

I asked Randall to back up his claim. I'm not arguing in favor of which round is superior. I'm not arguing about the shortfalls of the current platform. I really don't see what an expert in terminal ballistics has to do with military procurement.

As some back ground information, I was supply in the Marines. I don't like to get in to my personal life on the internet very much at all. But I procured the beans, bandages, and bullets and managed battalion assets. Does that make me an expert? No, and I can admit it, but I do understand how military logistics work so please stop telling me that I don't.

I've also read many a post on many sites and discussion forums where everybody seems to have it all figured out. Every other person on the web can tell you exactly how things are going to turn out. Where do they get this info? Common sense? We are talking about the government...there is no common sense.

I currently work in a the UC system for a very prestigious lab. When we make a claim we have to prove it. I didn't make a single claim in this entire thread, all I did was post an article FWIW. I asked him to back up his very bold claim. He refused to do so, therefore I challenge what he said. In my line of work his claim amounts to an unsubstantiated opinion until otherwise proven.

If you still can't understand what I'm trying to express here, then I might as well stop kicking this dead horse and wish you all a good day.
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