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Originally Posted by Sousuke View Post
Just to go back to the original question. Are CRIS figures for every transaction in the state including dealer sales? If there are 100,000 transactions per month at 1.2 million per year could we then (in the future of course) average 2017 / 2018 gun sales and then subtract those from the 1.2 million?

Looking back at 2016 there were 1.3 million sold. When the 2017 and 2018 numbers come in I bet the average will be a little over half that. If say 850,000 was the average could we then assume the total registered was in the neighborhood of 350,000?
This is where I was headed with the original post though my understanding of how the numbering system worked was in error. I thought the CRIS number applied only to registrations, when apparently it is used on all transactions. Still it comes down to mathematics. If you know the total number of transactions you know that the registration number cannot exceed that number. So it's a matter of taking the total transaction number and subtracting potentially known or discoverable ones (weapon sales for example?) thereby eventually closing in on the actual registration number. At least that's my take on it.

My original thought was getting a handle on whether a system overload might occur at the end (how long I could put off having to deal with the mess).
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