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Sounds like a bunch of Libertarians who are being used by their respective red/blue parties as pawns to do their bidding/vetting. That is the funny thing about choice, when you only have two (or believe you only have two) you really have no choice/voice and the red/blue camps both know it.

They are the same, all a bunch of out of touch elitists living high on the hog making "our" decisions and deciding what "freedoms" they will allow their subjects; all the while, bilking/pilfering billions for themselves and their cohorts and conspirators.

They love to see the people vs the people while they sit back and sip their cognac/champagne. This strife gives them purpose and an existence. In the name of self-governance they dictate and rule over. Some democracy eh?

Off the soapbox now and back to the bickering.......the irony being-this strife/bickering sounds just like our idiot rulers (both red and blue who are equally terrible) when they self govern on our behalf.

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