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How many gun owners would vote for Nancy Pelosi if she were pro-gun but otherwise held her present political positions? Of those who would vote for her, how many would speak well of her? I mention this only to help those of us who are conservative or Republican consider what we ask of our liberal or Democratic Party partisan gun owners.

My answer is - I'd vote for her, just like I voted for Harry Reid when I lived in NV. The phrase "holding my nose" doesn't begin to describe how I feel, but I'd do it. Blech ....

And to be blunt, our liberal or Democratic Party gun owners, it seems to me, ought to do the same. Because they, not us, will influence their party leaders. The problem is they always seem to find a reason to not do it.

If the reason is "I don't care about guns that much" then they ought to just say it. Can't get mad at someone for being honest. I'll recount an exchange on another forum.

A FL Democrat "I'm a proud gun owner" was repeatedly asked "what do you do?" to promote gun ownership and would he write Senator Nelson. Finally his response was "I'm happy with his position on guns, why bother?". The Senator's position included support for the AW ban, mag limits, background and registration. Supposedly things the fellow opposed. When brought to his attention & asked "will you write?" the answer was still "why bother?" So far as I know, he still has not. BTW, this fellow depises and opposes Rubio, but voted for Nelson.

At the least, shouldn't pro-gun Democrats tell their candidates "Lay off guns or I won't vote for you" and mean it? A vote withheld is worth something.

I understand the challenges, but "pro-gun Democrats" can't expect to toss gun owners an anchor at election time and get a kiss on the cheek in return. Either the issue is important to them or it is not. If it is then do something about it, if not then own up to it.
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