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Originally Posted by Rumline View Post
Because if your party (CA GOP) is fading into insignificance, the best course of action is to make no changes to your (losing) platform. Yeah, makes sense to me. Going down with the ship is an honorable thing to do for the captain, but in the end, he's still dead.

If you look at US history, political parties change their views from time to time. Arguing that no party should ever change their views means that you support the idea of having a pro-slavery party, among other ridiculous things.
When I last remember seeing a California gun poll it showed a majority of the people were for gun control. So, by your logic Republicans should change their views to become more relevant. Women and Hispanics seem to be more anti-gun than other other groups, and the Republicans need to court these two groups especially hard, so maybe they should drop their 2A stance.
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