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Specific scenarios I plan for:
  • House fire
  • Wild fires
  • Earthquake
  • Nuclear emergency (I live less than 25 miles from San Onofre)
  • Flu pandemic
  • Interruption in power and/or water
  • Civil unrest
  • Financial crisis (personal or social)
Some of these are more specific while others could have a number of corresponding causes; I prepare for the effect rather than the cause.

I plan for several things:

Getting home. What problems could I face in getting home, and what can I do now to be prepared in a worst case scenario.

Bugging in. I don't want to be running to the store to buy supplies when everyone else is thinking the same thing. If people will pepper-spray one another over a black Friday sale, imagine what they'll do in a crisis for food, batteries, or a case of water. My preferred response to most scenarios is to lay low until normal life resumes.

Evacuation. This could be as simple as what to grab on my way out in case of fire, but it runs to what destinations I'll aim for, what routes I'll take, what modes of transportation I'll choose, and what to bring with me.

Security. My planning here focuses on avoiding trouble, hiding, and getting away--but being equipped to deter and prepared to defend my family and our ability to survive if that fails.

Community. I am developing relationships now that will enhance my ability to survive in several scenarios. Mutual aid means we can get more rest and can be more efficient in several preparations.

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