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Own a CZ75B .40 and a SR40C. Without a doubt the CZ is my favorite. I bought the SR40C for a carry gun because the weight of the CZ pulls my pants down and makes me lean to the right. Finding a CZ in a compact proved a futile process, that was my first choice. I shopped XD's, Glocks and S&W and liked them all. Picked the Ruger in the end. Liked the trigger and feel in my hand. Even starting to warm up to "Loaded When Up" indicator. I hope the last comment doesn't get me banned

I am very pleased with the Ruger. It has exceeded my expectations. The pistol handles the snap of the .40 and is very accurate in my hands for it's intended purpose. Only FTF have been my lead SWC reloads, and it was 4 out of 300rds. It has never failed on copper plated reloads and factory rounds.

The SR series doesn't seem to have the fanboy clubs of other pistols but I am a fan. I'm also a gun whore, I never met a gun I didn't want to get closer too.
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