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It should work fine for this class as it is all at 100 yards, but I depends on how well you can see with the low 3.5-4 power of the scope. Print out a few of these targets and see if you can accuratly engage the dots at 100 yards:
The focus is marksmenship and getting a solid 100 yard zero. The future classes where we build dope from 100 to 600 yards, the acog will not work.

Originally Posted by GettoPhilosopher View Post
My wife and I would LOVE to come, but it's going to depend on whether our newborn (1 week old yesterday!) is doing well enough that she can stay with the babysitter by then. We'll know by the time registration opens.

Only other problem....I've got an AR308 (Black Hole Weaponry 20" SS/Geissele SSA-E/Vortex Viper PST 4-16 FFP MIL), and she's got a complimentary SDM-R inspired spotter's rifle (WOA 20" SDMR, Geissele SSA-E/TA11F), but that ACOG is the only optic we've got left. I'm assuming it's not kosher, right? (No target knobs, not really a "precision" sight, etc)
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