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From what we were told we are not able to sell the Glock blue labels in our regular stores unless it was for GSSF. Maybe other stores are breaking the rules.

Besides Glock though there are other contracts we are going to be trying to obtain so we can not only service LEOs but also the departments. Two companies I can think of off the top of my head that won't allow us to have civilians in the store if we offer these certain LE dept only products are Winchester and Taser. Both companies have a huge LE market that they are very strict with. I challenge any store open to the public to call them and get their restricted product (it won't happen).

The point of the LE store is not to keep the public away. Our regular store is right next to the LE store and anything sold in the LE store that is legal for civilians to purchase is available in our regular store. What won't you see...Off roster guns, hi cap mags, batons, switchblades, and things of that nature.

The reason we are opening this store is to get into a market we were previously not able to get into. If we want to be able to sell LE restricted items (like certain Taser, Winchester and Federal product lines) this is what we had to do. There are also certain companies that would not allow us into their LE discount program till we had a LE only store such as S&W.
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