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Originally Posted by MajorSideburns View Post
Your class instructor was accurate. The law does NOT require you to inform the officer. This is merely the arbitrary policy/restriction that Sacramento county put on their license. It's up to you if you want to follow it or not, however just realize they have the power to revoke your license if you are found out. I would strongly recommend informing the officer in the interest of your personal safety. Otherwise you risk getting shot by the untrained, nervous, trigger-happy rookies out there if they spot your gun at the wrong moment. You have to understand from an LEO mindset, they are expecting the worst out of every encounter. It is a product of their own survival mechanism, you can't fault them. They generally don't associate people who carry guns as good guys, just be as open and honest as possible should you ever have to deal with an LEO while CCWing, and hope for the best.
Originally Posted by DLEONARD13 View Post
First, where did you do your training?

Second, Its true that it is not in the Penal Code that being said however it is a stipulation of exercising the Sac Co issued permit.
You would think that since I'm in Sacramento County as was the school, that they would have told us that. I'm not sure they even know. I'm passing by there in the next few days, I'll stop by and ask.

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