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Originally Posted by Strykeback View Post
Spent the last 2 days reading this thread since ive been contemplating getting an AR style rifle...but some of the traffic stop horror stories and all the paperwork and possible court or detainment time and bills makes me wonder if its really worth having....

Or maybe it makes me want to get 1 or 3 just to stick it to the man.
a mini-14 might be a safer bet
1) understand the laws, and why your pistol/rifle/shotgun/etc. is legal.

2) avoid interactions with LE

3) do not talk to LE, do not consent to search.

4) understand that we ARE winning, but that there is still much work to be done.

Please review this article, written by my friend:

There are hundreds of thousands of Californians who own 100 percent legal OLLs, and have never once had a problem of any kind. From time to time, untrained law enforcement officers make the mistake of arresting one of them. In every case that I am aware of, charges were later dropped. In fact, we are now fighting back, and there are court cases where our coalition is asking for damages for these false arrests.

Our coalition has a track record of WINNING LAWSUITS AGAINST people who do not support our civil rights. The issue is whether you want to be a part of this mass movement to stand up for our human rights, and legal rights.

In fact, our coalition is attacking the very law that has put so many law abiding gun owners in jail, over things as stupid as $2 pistol grips, and extra letters on roll marks. See:

I realize that there is risk inherent in owning a LEGAL GUN, in this state, but it is only by fighting for our civil rights that we REMOVE THIS RISK. We must never stop, we must never move away, and we must never give up.

In the last six years, I have seen a miracle happen. We have about 500,000 new EBR's in the state, we have LTC's issued on a shall issue basis in certain large counties, we are now the number 2 state for new gun sales, and we have shooting ranges and gun shops opening left and right. Even our media is finally coming around to the fact that our right of self defense underlies all other rights.

The way that we continue to win is by overwhelming force of numbers. Each new gun owner becomes essentially an evangelist, and the good news is spreading fast. I urge you to join us.