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Originally Posted by lilro View Post
Thanks. Will do. I'm still slightly confused though. This one lists the "Colt Law Enforcement (6920)" as well. The rifle I own is the Colt LE6920CMP-B. Rollmark says "M4 CARBINE". So if questioned, how would I identify it? M4 Carbine or LE6920CMP-B? Or something else?
If its on the ban list. I would take it apart in many many pieces. Then I would go to the 2a forum here and ask the same question.

Colt could have a misprint and everyone could have bought a illegal rifle. End of the day... You still get busted and you still loose your rights. If its on the ban list. strip it down so it is a non working firearm. Yes you can still get busted for a banned lower. But its not a complete and usable working firearm then adding to a misprint and you might not get to deep into trouble.

But go ask in the 2a forum. This thread is to grenral for your needs.
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