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Originally Posted by Kodemonkey View Post
As much as Calguns is a better source for gun information than the CA DOJ, when dealing with LEOs I like to have the docs have the AG logo on them:

Go to the source of the banned list.

I'd print out a copy and keep it in your case. If you end up in a discussion about what is legal, respectfully hand them a copy of the banned list. Tell them they can keep the copy for their troubles.

Kindness and respect prevails in these encounters.
Thanks. Will do. I'm still slightly confused though. This one lists the "Colt Law Enforcement (6920)" as well. The rifle I own is the Colt LE6920CMP-B. Rollmark says "M4 CARBINE". So if questioned, how would I identify it? M4 Carbine or LE6920CMP-B? Or something else?