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Default Oregon-Firearm Purchase Delayed After DUI Dismissed

I will try to keep this to the point. My very close relative lives in Springfield, OR.

Late February he purchases a firearm with no issues.

Early March he gets pulled over leaving a lodge with no headlights on as he had bumped the automatic switch and did not realize it. Blew .04 once at station, office told him he was fine, but wrote him a summons to appear. Yes for DUI.

He gets a lawyer and in late March DA drops all charges, case dismissed...done deal.

Today he goes to purchase a new firearm at a national retailer and they run NICS check and get back "Scannable" delayed until late October. Retailer basically says they can do the purchase, but he has to wait until that date to pick up firearm.

What gives? Any ideas? From some Google research I did find that Oregon, as well as other states are playing games like this. Delaying purchases. I also heard that they can actually only do it for 3 days and if there was not a denial from the NICS check, then the retailer can let the firearm go. But I also learned (good luck) finding a retailer that will do it. Obviously a national retailer is not going to go there.

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