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I've had a mixture of both in the past. At a public range, I suppose the guys who don't know me see me as an oddity. I'm sure they wonder if I know what I'm doing and are waiting for something stupid to happen -- on my part. I get that while I'm out fishing too, so it's nothing new.

BUT, as soon as they see it's not plinking, the attitudes begin to change to a more positive note. Naturally, there will always be one ignorant person in the group who will choose to behave like a jerk, so I've also learned to grow a thick skin. Some men are insecure and are just crabby.

It's ok... I'm out there to practice and don't expect everyone to be my buddy. As long as they're civil, it's all good.

Now, at matches, I don't feel like a freak at the circus. The guys are supportive, good-humored, and very social. Besides, I supply all the donuts, so they have to be nice to me or I'll cut them off!
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