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Originally Posted by ParadigmGuy View Post
My wife doesn't like to fire it though because of the recoil. So I'm looking for a shotgun that we can use for home defense, maybe hunting in the future, and has less recoil.
Just purchased a 20-gauge, but haven't put any shot through it yet. I'm signing up for a semi-private class up at Oak Tree within the next month. The trouble, as I see it with shotguns, is the multitude of variables: gauge, personal fit, what's going down the barrel etc. Change one thing and everything changes. I'm looking forward to trying it, yet admit to having a bit of trepidation at the same time. I'm confident with the 9mm after lots of range time and the 5-hour class, as well as my 10/22 (and the instant gratification of hearing those steel targets ring), but this 20-gauge is a whole new ballgame.

Plus there are so many opinions out there of what shot to use. Some say no less than 00, some say Pheasant 8 is good enough and won't go flying through drywall should that be a concern.
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