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Originally Posted by ambiguous216 View Post
Lack of are on the wrong plan...upgrade your plan and stop being so frugal...metro pcs has unlimited calling, text and web for 35 a month.
From my point of view, I'm not short on minutes at all because I only need the plan minutes for when HSPA+ or WiFi data connections aren't available (and I'm on a WiFi network tied to a 25/25mbps fiber connection 95% of the time). Groove IP integrates fairly seamlessly into the phone.

Originally Posted by klewan View Post
OP, that $30 a month no contract is a Walmart special. I don't think T-Mobile offers anything like that, but I might be wrong. The offers come and go at T-M. I've been looking at it, but I want to tether the phone to my laptop. T-M charges $15 a month to tether, but I've seen people claiming work arounds to tether without the fee. Have you bought into T-M? Anybody else know about fee free tethering?
The plan is available directly through the T-Mobile website for new activations. As for tethering, I haven't given it a shot yet but some poking around online indicated to me that their methods for detecting tethering are somewhat crude. It looks like just connecting to my home VPN server would likely break their tethering detection.
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