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Guys, if you look in the Sacramento Chapter thread you can see what we're doing with shoots and planning.

If you want to do a Monthly Shoot at Linden or just a one time get together, someone just decide on a place and time and announce it here. Then everyone who can, just goes there.

It sounds like you have a good core group forming up. We'd be glad to help you have your own forum, but at least one of you has to step up to being a C3, a Calguns Community Coordinator, in order to get the chapter forum created.

We're doing a Sacramento Monthly Shoot at Sacramento Valley Shooting Center on Dec 8, 10 am to whenever. I'll be there and also Lazyme, the other Sac C3. We can help you get started if you like.

If you need further ideas, PM me and I'll try to help. We'd really like to see the Stockton group get going.
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