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Default Be careful on BLM land

Originally Posted by cali gunner View Post
Glad to see local people here.

@Bonnie, thanks for the info. Like your slogan!

@Kook, just got into building ar's myself. Make sure that hammer spring is in right, and that you do not forget the disconnect spring, lol made for an interesting day at the range. My parents live in Valley Springs.

Where does everyone shoot? I have been using the linden range, Good people there. I'm looking for local blm land now that everything is sighted in. We go up to panoche hills, it's a bit of a journey but worth the trip to have a little freedom.
Be careful on BLM land brother. I just recently almost had my AK confiscated by BLM Rangers, and it is perfectly legal and not on any banned list.

I think I am going to the ranges where you pay, as I believe the LEO checks will be fewer, which means less risk of running into one that enforces the laws without first being familiar with the laws.

I live in Redding CA, so a bit further north of you.
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