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Originally Posted by crackerman View Post
You know since we are kinda on the topic.

How does the penal code for that relate to STEP-parents and transfers? I figure adoptive parents automatically count since adoptions confer parental rights but does the step-definition (while legally recognized other places) meet the up/down linage test here.

And to expand what about inlaws?
Nothing in the law allows step or in-laws to use the OpLaw process. They must be legal parent/grandparent. Step or in-laws are not legal parent/grandparent as the relationship depends on another person's legal relationship.

However, as an adult child, the step parent who is at least 10 years older than the adult child may adopt the adult child and then, as their legal parent, may use OpLaw to transfer a firearm. Adoptions by step parents of adult children are very easy as the adult child is consenting and the parent being replaced has no legal standing.

Side note: this is an older thread, but the info is still valid, except it is now a Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) and is used for long guns as well. Further, the DoJ OpLaw form now requires the FSC number to be listed.

My daughter got her FSC last year as she was given her first handgun in her 18th birthday. My son will be getting his FSC today as he was given his first handgun last week on his 18th birthday.

We're still working on the Sheriff to get him to drop the age requirement for a CCW. Nothing in the PC requires one to be 21 to have a CCW permit. You just have to be 18 to legally possess a handgun.

My kids carry unloaded handguns locked in their cars for now. At least if they were stranded somewhere they can defend themselves.

Oh, and now that they are both over 18, I am filing the paper work to legally adopt them. (Their mom, my wife, gave them the handguns, but I want to be able to give them any of my stuff as well).
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