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Originally Posted by bubbapug1 View Post
I can't believe it!! A couple of posters who didn't twist my post to accuse me of embracing communism and the killing of a children , etc.

We all (of rational minds) know the real cause. It would serve us all well to avoid buying from the scalpers and let them eat their dust covered hoards of 22lr

With increased industry capacity, lower lead and copper pricing, and an eventual glut caused by innumerable stashes of ammo we will see ammo prices fall once the panic and hoarding end. And once the leading gun grabber leaves the White House the panic might end. Unless of course Hillary wins and than all bets are off. She will make Obama look like a right wing redneck gun lover in comparison
One of the reasons .22LR is so impacted is because unlike centerfire cartridge lines, rimfire lines cannot be re-tooled to focus on "popular" calibers. There is also a far greater capital investment for producing rimfire.

Remington, Winchester, CCI, etc. realize just what you are saying. The bubble will pop (again) and they will have PLENTY of capacity.
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