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Originally Posted by bubbapug1 View Post

Who's to blame? We all are...

But if you feel better blaming Obama, go right ahead, after all, we have become a country of whiners, takers, and litigants.

I especially like how you try to pre-empt and take Obama off the table and simultaneously blame gun owners for the shortage, and not the root of the actions of the administration, Democrats, CA legislators who have pursued and continue to pursue infringement of 2A...Classy fella. The shortage is fear driven for sure, and an explosion of new gun owners buying more and more weapons. Putting the blame on gun owners is silly, they are just embracing their rights and using the power of the dollar to secure them if needed. The blame, the lands right to the doorstep of anti-2A politicians who fan the flames of any shooting as an excuse to seize your 2nd amendment, make you and I a subject and defenseless.

I do give credit to Obama. He is #1 Gun and Ammo salesman!