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Originally Posted by Seafarer View Post
Thanks Capy.

Unfortunately my smartphone camera is just not good enough to get a clear picture. However, in searching the net I found a picture that is EXACTLY what I'm experiencing:

This picture was posted on a thread by a guy who appears to be having the same problem I am having (also with the exact same die, a titanium carbide 10/40 combo Redding set), although it is a Glock-related thread and I own a Springfield XD. Here is the thread:

I'm pretty sure my casings are not bulged. As I mentioned below, the case mouth vs. case rim width measurements are fairly close, and this brass has been shot out of a Springfield XD which supposedly has a "fully supported chamber" which does not cause the bulge. And the rounds were not loaded hot, to the best of my knowledge (they were reloads from LAX Ammo).

So I'm thinking it is the die as well. Darn, I paid a lot for this die set (bought it at the height of the shortage).

I'd be interested in what Chickenlyps has to say.


WOW, yours look just like the pic in the first link?


1 does the line go even all around the brass or more on one side?

2 When you backed the die out 2 turns like the customer svs rep said did the line go higher on the case?

3 The inside of the die where it slides over the brass, is the edge sharp or rounded over?

I think you were using Lee dies at the class, I think I remember the red box with a clear lid.

If the ring is the same all the way around I would say the die is not right, if it is more on one side the shell holder might not be seated all the way or the brass might not be pushed in the shell holder all the way or the press may be missaligned.
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