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Originally Posted by luvtolean View Post
Whatever. Just because he's leading something important doesn't make him the right man at the right time.

WLP is good at fire and brimstone which motivates the faithful to give more in times of relative calm, and everyone else just ignores him. That made him an OK, if uninspired, NRA leader in 2008.

He's so bad speaking to moderates or in debate it's actually shocking. No head of the NRA should ever lose to someone as mediocre as Piers, and WLP certainly did. That makes him a bad leader for what is happening in 2013.
^ This, i know his message gets traction with gun owners, but i think that is about it, it's important to reach out to people that are anti-gun or somewhere in the middle with arguments that get them to realize that the tool is not the problem the operator is.

I remember Charlton Heston debating people so well they were stumped and could barely respond to his arguments have yet to see that with Wayne.
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