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Bloomberg funded propaganda machine, Obama's campaign machine now turned into propaganda attack machine, and of course the lamestream media are all directed to destroying at best, marginalizing at the least, the public image of the NRA. Wayne will be a main target simply for being who he is, so be careful of falling into the web they are creating (Did you all see the Tweets "reporters" were throwing when WLP was giving his speech, they could not wait until the speech was over before marshaling opinion against him/us/NRA, preparing the talking points used against him forthwith). There will never be anyone speaking for the NRA that will not be attacked, this is simple reality. You play their game and attack WLP when he is/has done nothing wrong except be low-hanging fruit for their attacks. Heston "likeable"?. Heston dealt with nothing but insults and attacks from the anti-gun crowd when he was alive, what kind of revisionism is that view?. Look at Col. West, for example. Man "told it like it was", and the media ganged up on him, painting him as a "nutbar" and succeeded in him being ousted. Do you think it would be anything less for any spokesperson for NRA?. If anything in this propaganda war, NRA is dropping the ball by not being more proactive and aggressive. They already hate and will attack and put the pro-rights side down anyway, so what is there to lose?. I say: Fix Bayonets...
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