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The interview was real mellow. About half of it was verification of stuff on the application. Where did I work, where did I live, etc. They do ask you to bring some stuff in. A letter from your employeer authorizing/endorsing your CCW, and a utility bill to prove your residence. Then the second half was a discussion of your good cause.

From what I hear if you get to the interview stage your are most likely going to get your CCW. After the interview I was told 2 months and I would get a letter approved or denied.

After I got my approval letter I went to do my live scan and drop off my check. I was told to do my shoot. The range qual was very basic. They know me from work and from competition shooting.

I would say from the whole process in Ventura if you have a sufficent good cause and you can patiently wait the 1 year it should not be a major issue. Do not expect your going to get expedited no matter how good you think your good cause is. It is going to be 1 year from start to end.
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