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Originally Posted by Roccobro View Post
You notarize the transfer of assets page with the gun going to the trust. you are the Grantor and Trustee, therefore you have "possession" of it, and have authority over it in the name of the trust. There is no fingerprints belonging to the Trust, so how would you imagine doing a firearm transfer via FFL01 to it? That is the beauty of the Trust, just you , paper, and a notary and you are making asset changes as it should be in this god given world.

Too bad most things in life are not this easy....


I agree the trust is easy... I love the simplicity of using a trust.
But how would a transfer to a LLC or Corp take place here in California...
Of the three, if formed correctly the LLC or Corp structure may have benefits which a trust may not offer...
oh this...
It's a Single Cylinder - Single Stroke,
Internal Combustion Engine,
with a Free Floating Piston...

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