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Originally Posted by A-J View Post
I don't want to start a thread that turns into a Turner's bashing as most do, so I'll ask here. And I am 100% serious, not trying to instigate.

I understand stock shortages and that retailers are at the mercy of suppliers and manufacturers, but why would you offer guns at sale prices knowing that:

1. you have zero in stock
2. there is a massive backorder with that manufacturer or that model?

I "bought" my PX4 storm and an M9 more than a month ago, and a SIG mosquito two-tone not long after that, and they are still not in stock. The same thing happened when I went to buy a SIG SP2022. Not only did you guys have none in stock, there wasn't even a floor model. Yet it was "on sale" a few times since the beginning of the year.
I've a couple of items that have been on back order for a year. They were on sale again in the last Spring flyer but not in stock....
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