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Originally Posted by katokahn99 View Post
Hey folks, so glad CALGUNS exists. I've been reading through and find the posts very helpful. Good bunch of knowledgeable and friendly folks on here.

So, I'm moving to VC on military orders to Point Mugu and need a few things clarrified:
Welcome to Calguns, California and Ventura County. I will take a stab at your questions, but don't quote me, I'm not a lawyer and still have plenty to learn myself. The laws in this state are beyond confusing.

I can bring my handguns with me as long as the magazines with greater than 10 round capacity are disassembled and remain disassembled until I either move out or get them blocked. Is there more I need to know on this?
Yes. Correct. But I'm not sure how military and gov't property play into state law. Laws might change while on base and off base. I also know LEO's can obtain a high cap mag permit, not sure about military.

As Active Duty Military, I am exempt from filing a New Resident Handgun Ownership Report. As long as I do not leave active duty (retire) in the state, this remains the case, yes?
Not sure about this one. But I'm guessing you're correct.

When transporting the weapons during my move or otherwise, I am allowed to have the magazines loaded as long as they are not inserted into the weapons and there are no rounds in the chambers. The guns need to be in a locked container. Do they need to be in the trunk? Again, finer points would be appreciated.
Yes, but they don't need to be in a locked container if they are in the trunk. The trunk counts as a locked container, but hatchbacks don't count. I also don't believe rifles and shotguns need to locked while outside the trunk (inside the cabin). But yes, they need to be unloaded and loaded magazines don't apply as a loaded firearm while not physically in the firearm.

New question: If I am at my home of record, or my state of residency (the state in which I am registered to vote...which is different than my HOR), while on leave in conjunction with orders, can I purchase a handgun or handguns and transport them into the state with my under the same exemption as mentioned above? I have the feeling this one is going to be dicey.
If you can legally purchase a firearm out of the state of California, I would image you're correct in being able to bring them back into the state and not register them as you mentioned earlier. Also remember you have just over 1 year before rifles and shotguns will need to registered as well (Jan 1st, 2014). I would also advise to ensure they comply with state law if buying them out of state (ex. bullet buttons and such).

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