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Yes you have to pay the sales tax. However, isn't the total price of the whole package the price you paid? Now the only way that might be a negative is if you planned on skipping the sales tax/use tax on the upper and now the dealer sees you paid $1000 for this "complete" sale and charges you sales tax on the whole thing.

If it were me, I wouldn't want to put my FFL in a bind with the BOE and I would just say you don't have a receipt, but here is the price from their website and just pay the sales tax. Even if it was a $300 upper that is only $22.50 at 7.5% and are you really that broke you can't afford a clear conscience and a happy FFL for what is probably less than $22.50?

Just remember guys, when you involve and FFL and trying to cheat your taxes, that puts the FFL on the hook. He doesn't have to collect the tax, but he has to pay it. Don't put someone else on the hook for your illegal activities.

You don't want to claim your use tax on the upper, I have no problems with that. That is your business. Trying to get out of taxes on my end does.

And again, I am not assuming you are going to do that as you are here asking the question and doing the right thing. However the first response you get is to have the vendor falsify a document and put that it was $15 and so other people are clearly thinking it.
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