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Originally Posted by Dutch3 View Post
I'll disagree with you for the sake of argument.

In most cases, those firearms were designed for a round capacity greater than 10.

In order to sell product in localities where greater than 10 rounds was banned, the factory modified those original magazines to accept no more than 10 rounds.

So, whether the design was modified by the manufacturer or the end user to reduce capacity, it is still considered a "modification".

The proposed law states that permanent modifications performed to reduce capacity will be illegal. There is no distinction between user-modified and factory-modified magazines.

It is clearly idiotic and without logic in terms of reality, but there it is. Would you expect anything else from a legislature that attempts to regulate things of which it has no knowledge?

I'm pretty sure that it can be argued that there is a difference between and end-user taking a factory 15-round magazine and modifying it to be a 10-round magazine and a factory redesigning that 15-round magazine's design to be able to manufactured as a 10-round magazine. they aren't making 15-round magazines and then modifying them to be 10-round mags. They may have taking the tooling that makes a 15-round mag body from a piece of sheet metal and redesigned it to make a 10-round mag body instead. that isn't modifying a 15-round mag into a 10-round mag.

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