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Originally Posted by socalblue View Post
You are spot on. This bill essentially "takes" a significant percentage of pistols from legitimate owners.

Manufacturers will tool up to make compliant magazines for a small number of the most popular current production pistols. Everything else is out of luck.

Add micro stamping & handguns sales & use will essentially die in CA in 2-3 years, when the last of the pistols currently on the roster fall off.
Right. Even if I destroy all my original pre-1994 ban 17-round Glock 17 mags, today's factory 10-round mags are still double stacked and blocked. A G-17 mag only long enough to hold 10 rounds in a single stack arrangement and still able to fit and feed in the G-17 grip doesn't exist. My G-17 instantly becomes a paper weight in CA until some entrepreneur invents something compliant.
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